The first 3D Game?

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I was thinking, as far as I remember, the first 'real' 3D game for pc was Quake. Or was it? Also I'm wondering, didn't Starfox come out much before Quake? On the snes, I don't remember a game being really 3D before stafox, some had 3D kindness like that donkey kong game, Mortal Kombat and that other fighting bame with the crazy combos & mohawk, but as far as really 3D, wasn't Starfox the first one, if so, then was that the first true 3D game?
I guess it also depends what you mean by 3D, well, what I mean by 'true 3D': That everything looks like its in 3D, where items can rotate and aren't really 2D always pointed in the user's direction like Doom or others. Oh Mario Kart is a perfect example, looked 3D, but all objects were actually sprites.

Any help will be apprecited.

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